The traditional workspace is changing dramatically and technology has been the biggest enabler in this change. With the advent of SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud), professionals are more connected and social than ever. Gone are the days of drab and dumb cubicles, where people practically spent half of their active daily lives!

We understand this change! With our extensive experience in designing & building workspaces and our in-depth understanding of a multitude of business verticals & their workflows, we decided to turn the traditional model of workspaces on its head!

We build and furnish 'for' people rather than building and 'putting' people into workspaces. This significantly enhances workforce productivity, increases work efficiency and makes for a conducive workspace. The added benefits are quick deployment, risk reduction and overall long term cost efficiencies.

We also ensure seamless integration between your physical and digital workspace. So, no matter where employees are working, your team is digitally present everywhere!

Select a turnkey solution package that works for you

  • Bomb Shelter

    The Bomb Shelter is a situation room for all your temporary workgroups.

  • The White Wall

    The White Wall is a collaborative workspace where teams can gather.

  • The Digital Wall

    This room is designed to be a data collaboration work area.

  • Smart Class 1 (Quick)

    Designed for smaller group sizes with a typical classroom style seating arrangement.

  • Smart Class 2 (Audi)

    Another version of the SMART CLASS 1 (Quick).

  • Project Huddle

    This is a rapidly reconfigurable space within the premises.

  • Project Office

    This is a medium to long term usage space that is designed to facilitate project collaboration.

  • War Chambers

    War Chambers are designed to be informal meeting spaces within the office.

  • Mission Control

    The Mission Control is designed as a command and control center.

  • Hot Desks

    Hot desk is a viable and productive working area.

  • Service Desks

    Service desks are typical front office desks.

Select a Pre-Made package that works for you

  • Business Services

    At The iPlex Projects, we understand that collaboration is the key to any Business Service.

  • Consulting Business

    As a consultant, you are a multi-tasker, and we understand your workspace needs!

  • iPlex Project Solutions for Education Sector

    India's growth story is because of emphasis on education by parents.

  • IT Business

    Working with cutting edge technologies, medium sized IT businesses often overlook the importance of an efficient workspace.

  • Retail

    With ever evolving products and a fairly transient workforce, the retail business faces significant hurdles to their growth.