Scalable Workspace Infrastructure

As businesses get started, increase headcount, or enter new markets, they must establish workspace infrastructure to support their workforce. Setting up and managing these resources can be draining on executives focused on driving core business functions. Today, an increasing number of companies turn to new models to meet these demands.

The iPlex provides clients with worldwide access to workspace infrastructure. We handle office space, meeting rooms, IT and telecom, supplies procurement, vendor management, etc. We offer our services on a shared, dedicated, or turnkey basis, providing companies with immense flexibility and scalability to suit their needs.

Choose a service that works for your company

  • Office Space

    Work in fully serviced, scalable offices available on virtual, flexible, and dedicated means.

  • Meeting Rooms

    Conduct meetings in truly global meeting rooms equipped with video conferencing capabilities.

  • Conference Rooms

    Host board meetings, product demos and more in our conference rooms.

  • Training Rooms

    Run workshops, seminars and other training and development activities.

  • Auditoriums

    Conduct mid-sized conferences, seminars and film screenings at our Auditoriums.


  • 24 x 7
  • IT Support
  • Admin Support
  • Reception
  • Utilities
  • Security
  • Scalable

We're Proud of Our Clients

HSBC, CII, and Jindal are some companies that operate out of our workspaces. We host companies from a range of industries and locations across our global footprint. Visit Client Spotlight to learn more. 

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